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I love Crocheting. I learnt crocheting from my mom when I was 4. She always does the main part of the pattern and I would do a row or two. I never got time to crochet when I was young, since I had my studies and work. I moved to US with my hubby. I had plenty of time since I wasn't working, so I started Cross Stitch and Crochet. After getting a job I had to travel for an hour to downtown by bus for my work, I used that time to crochet.

Back home in India I use to make soft toys, glass painting etc... . Once I started with crocheting I became so crazy about it and now I am really not able to stop crocheting. Once I pick the needle and thread I really can't put them aside. Even after having a kid I try to spend some time to crochet. 

Please let me know if you have any questions about crocheting or need any help on crocheting. I am not an expert but I can help with the knowledge that I have got. Please feel free to leave me a comment. Your comments are so valuable to me. It is really an encouragement for me to continue my hobby.

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